• Graphite (layers of Graphene) has only two crystal structures*, mostly AB stacking and rarely ABC stacking.strategy_1_two_crystal_structure
  • AB stacking is strongly bonded structure**, hard to exfoliate into graphene. ABC stacking is weakly bonded, easy to exfoliate into graphene.
    ** ref. Geometrical Optimization of Graphite Structure;
    authors: Nobuo NARITA, Masahito KATO and Shugo SUZUKI;
    May 28th, 2013 (Received)
  • The established theory in Graphite Society*** says “Graphite consists of mostly AB stacking and when milled and heated AB stacking is converted to ABC stacking but saturated up to 30%”.
    *** ref. Structural Change of Graphite with Grinding;
    authors: Michio INAGAKI, Hisae MUGISHIMA and Kenji HOSOKAWA;
    February 1st, 1973 (Received)
  • GPC made Graphite consisting of ABC stacking more than 31 % and has patented.
  • GPC discovered ABC stacking Graphite to be 100 times efficient in produce Graphene more than from AB stacking Graphite directly.
  • There is no way to produce Graphene from Graphite, with industrial efficiency, bypassing crystalline disorder of ABC stacking.
  • In the process of pGraphene manufacturing, Graphene can be functionalized, attaching Oxygen, Nitrogen, Fluorine, Silicon and Silver, which is indispensable for enhancing effectiveness.
  • 99% of Graphene in weight worldwide will pass through ABC stacking which brings $Bs profit.