Multilayer Graphene on Nickel 10x60mm

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Multipoint Raman spectra included on CD ROM

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Typical Raman spectrum of a Multilayer film on Nickel foil

Nickel foil

Explanation of Raman spectrum

  1. Raman spectroscopy is used to check the presence of a D peak in graphene samples. If a D peak is present, then this can indicate defects in the sample, such as cracks or flaking.
  2. The ratio of the heights of the 2D peak and the G peak indicate the number of graphene layers.
    2D>G : Single-layer
    2D=G : Double layer
    2D<G : more than triple layer
  3. 3 measurements for every sample are taken and presented on the same graph.

Optical Microscope Image of Multilayer Graphene on Nickel foil

Nickel foil



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