About Graphene

Historical epochs

Historical epochs can be defined by materials: from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age
to the modern eras of steel and, for the last 60 years, silicon. These are the stuff that defined whole civilizations. And we may be on the threshold of a time dominated by one of the most common of all elements: carbon.


New age of Carbon by Graphene




Global Graphene Strategies

  • UK – USD 100 million and more (annually)
    Pride of Nobel laureates Investments made at the University of Manchester and the University of Cambridge
  • EU – USD 20 billion (over a ten-year period)
    Metals (inorganic) to Carbon (organic) Silicon Valley to Graphene Valley (virtual network)
  • China, India, Emerging country
    From the Steel, Plastics, Pulp (Existing key industries) to Nanomaterials : The Change of Games (Rules)


Material Revolution


Graphene future